When you think about a water well, you probably think about it being very deep. But did you realize that some wells are deeper than others? Like many of the other services you use for your home, well drilling isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Local water well drillers like Pinckney Well Drilling and Geothermal know what the water table is like in our service area of Bluffton and Beaufort, SC. We can assess your property and help you determine exactly which type of well you need. Here’s a little bit of information to help you understand the difference between shallow wells and deep wells.

What Is a Shallow Well?

If you have a shallow well, it means that your water source is relatively close to the ground’s surface. Your local water well drillers will measure the water table and calculate to what depth the well should be dug. This involves projecting the low point of the water table over the course of a year, including drought conditions.

Shallow wells typically are less expensive to drill because there’s less labor and fewer materials involved. You’ll need a shallow well pump for wells of 25 feet or less. But these pumps aren’t submersible. Instead, they’re placed in a well housing. They’ll sometimes come with features to keep the motor from burning out.

What Is a Deep Well?

As the name suggests, deep wells are required when the water table is further underground. If your property sits on certain types of rock, a deeper well may be required. Since the water is coming from so far underground, these wells may provide a higher level of protection from contamination than water that’s coming from closer to the surface. A deep well drilling company can give you more specific information on these safeguards.

Deep well pumps are submersible. They’re placed inside your well, sometimes at depths of several hundred feet. The pump’s controls are at ground level. If a repair is needed, the pump will need to be raised for service.

Pinckney Well Drilling and Geothermal will come to your home and help you determine the depth of well you may need. Let us be your first call for water well drilling services in Bluffton and Beaufort, SC.